Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Empowering Environment by connecting people to plants

Green Circle has started an Environmental Lecture Series in Dwarka New Delhi at Airforce & Naval Officers Society, Plot No 11 Sector 7 Dwarka on 10.2.2018 and there will be 24 lectures, one lecture every month on Second Saturday between 5.30 PM and 7.00 PM. All are welcome to attend

Lecture           :           No 1 dated 10.2.18
Speaker          :           P D Dutta -Naturo Environmentalist
Topic              :           Empowering Environment by connecting people to plants

Brief Profile of speaker
Mr P D Datta is an ardent lover of nature and also a nature photographer. He has passion for capturing different shares naturally created in the trees such as God idols, human beings, actions and animals. He has participated in exhibitions and conducted various programs on nature for children.

Highlights of the lecture
While talking about Environment, one has to think of future generations. Environment is a collective as well as individual subject. Today we find that vehicles are increasing and pollution as well. The Environmental concerns are many. We therefore need to begin working for Environment. My work for nature started with observing natural shapes formed in plant leaves, twigs, branches and trunks. I have started taking unique tree pictures and displayed in schools. I have associated with NGOs like CSE to get connected to schools to conduct green audit. We have more of amaranthus and neem plants in Dwarka. Amaranthus varieties could be seen in Golden and silver colours. In fact , my connection to Environment started with window viewing which created my interest in plants. I started writing about plants, natural shapes and also photography. I still write in Neem magazine. One can get connected to nature by trying hands in Gardening and visiting natural places. In Dwarka, concrete structures are reducing green canopy. We need more and more greenery. Tree plantation campaign should go on. I experience that some people protest trees in their vicinity. In modern days, the situation is getting grave, but we need to start getting connected to plants. If you observe trees and plants, you will find images shapes as displayed by me here. This can create some interest in inculcating love for nature. I approached 40 schools in Delhi for creating interest but only eight schools have shown interest. It all depends on school managements to create green campus.  One of my unique initiative was to straighten the bent trees. Bent Trees or fallen trees should be revived. Our initiative was experimented in Indirapuram where school children joined me in straightening the tree which was obstructing traffic. We cut half of the tree and tries straightening it. It could be corrected. Similarly, it's important to try saving existing trees. Together we all should try some collective work.

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