Thursday, April 26, 2018

Composting and horticulture support to Pravan foundation!

On 22nd April 2018, Green Circle celebrated Earth day in two locations Mehrauli South Delhi and Danya Almora District. Green Circle has been engaged by Mehrauli based NGO Pravan Foundation which is extending voluntary education to underprivileged children, for providing composting and horticulture consultancy. The Pravan foundation campus has a number of well grown trees which shed leaves during spring. Further they have a number of cows which provide gobar. It was sufficient for Green Circle to extend their free consultancy for composting. On Earthday, Green Circle’s eminent environmentalist P K Dutta visited the premises and inaugurated the compost pit. He also made a layout plan for horticulture for planting vegetable and flowering plants.   Mrs Aparna Kapoor founder of Pravan foundation dropped the first layer of dry leaves and gobar in the pit. Green Circle has handed over the horticulture landscaping plan with her. Earlier Selvarajan, Anil Parashar and P K Dutta inspected the premises and assured the Foundation of voluntary service for the project. Selvarajan says, “ This is one of the projects, first of its kind where Green Circle’s composting initiative in Dwarka is replicated in other locations. Our advantage in Mehrauli was the availability of gobar, kitchen waste and dry leaves.” Anil Parashar said, “we will monitor the progress of the vegetable gardening periodically and help the foundation to make the premises eco-friendly. We are also planning rainwater harvesting unit for the premises”

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