Saturday, April 14, 2018

Rwanda replicates India's Green Circle Model in tree planting

Rwanda replicates Green Circle Model

The Tree Adoption Project of Green Circle is catching up. Not in India alone but in other countries too, thanks to the social media connect. The project involves planting trees and watering them regularly by adopting trees. The project is unique in that the trees being adopted which otherwise may remain uncared and wither away or eaten by cattle. The trees are protected with tree guards and are being watered regularly. Green Circle has invited people to adopt one tree each. On their behalf, Green Circle supervises the trees and monitors them daily. Green Circle invites nature lovers to adopt a tree on the eve of Birthdays and Anniversaries. Recently 3 year old Neysa adopted a tree and celebrated her birthday by watering the tree planted by her. For her this is better than calling her friends for a birthday party. Some of our associates in Rwanda were fascinated by the idea of planting a tree on the eve of birthdays and decided to replicate the Tree Adoption Project model.
In Delhi, 3 year old Neysa plants a tree on her Birthday 

Anil Parashar says, “our greening activity was flashed in social media groups. Our well wishers in other parts of the world who view our facebook posing have contacted us and appreciated the tree adoption project. In Rwanda, they have already replicated our model and planted trees on the birthday of one Fabrice Tuyishime. We are planning to reach out to more people elsewhere in the planet,  through our social media links”  

Nirere Madeleine, Chairperson of National Commission for Human rights, Rwanda says,      “We are excited to note that environmental activists in India are planting trees and adopt trees also. Having been inspired by Green Circle Model of planting trees on Birthdays and Anniversary days, on the 19th Birthday of my son Fabrice Tuyishime, we have planted 19 papaya trees. We will continue to do the same in the years to come. Environment has no borders or barriers. We also are planning to have some joint action programs with India to contain global warming. ”

@ Rwanda, 19 year old Fabrice Tuyishime plants 19 trees on his birthday

Green Circle has indicated its intentions to expand the project and celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries of the members by planting trees and adopting them. The tree guards will bear the names of the person celebrating the birthday and date of plantation. Green Circle has also proposed to give the choice of tree to the adopter by liaisoning with nurseries in future.

According to Selvarajan of Green Circle, children will be motivated to sing the Birthday song with the Tree Sapling. The child will adopt the tree planted and watch its growth periodically, while Green Circle will nurture the tree planted and take care of watering the same on daily basis.

 Rwanda, an East African country, being a temperate tropical highland, has also become a victim of climate change and reduced rainfall. The citizens have realized the need for planting trees and preserving their environment.

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